Disclaimer (Now with More Puppy)

This  blog may use the names of real people, corporations, or other legal entities in a facetious, parodic manner but such uses should not be construed as factual. Unless otherwise noted and cited, any quotes from individuals that the author does not know personally should be assumed to be fabricated rather than actual, accurate quotations.

References for actual quotations, as well as citations of the sources of other facts, can be found by clicking on bolded words. Clicking on an image links to the source of the image.

The Snarkist does not intend to misrepresent any people or entities and only uses their names and likenesses for humorous purposes.

That being said, this is a humor website. Irony, exaggeration, and imagination will be in perpetual use. Posts are not mean-spirited but may be searing. If you find yourself offended, this is not the site for you.

In other news, here is a gif of a husky puppy licking a lime, and from The Daily Puppy, here is a Border Collie/Chow Chow mix named Angel:

Ah! I want to hug it RIGHT NOW!!

§ 2 Responses to Disclaimer (Now with More Puppy)

    • thesnarkist says:

      I use Google Chrome, and when I updated this page, I assumed all was working, since I could see the gif on my browser. Now that I know people have been having trouble with it, I tried viewing the page on Firefox and Safari and the puppy is invisible! Boo!

      You can now view the gif by clicking on the in-text link in the word “here”.

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